The School of Integrity

Call for Applications for 2022 School of Integrity Fellowship

Theme: Your right, your role: Building a generation of integrity

Date: 28 November to 2 December 2022


1. Introduction:

Young people’s participation in governance processes has been minimal owing to a multiple factor such as limited spaces for robust engagement, existing institutional and structural boundaries. There is evidence that young people are the most affected by mis-governance and high levels of corruption. Transparency International Zimbabwe (TI Z) points out that corruption denies young people opportunities and propagates kleptocracy which is a form of corruption that exists to increase the personal wealth of political officials at the expense of the wider population (2015). If effectively mobilised young people can effect positive change in the governance processes and contribute to the broader fight against corruption. Instructively, engaging young people is essential in curbing corruption as they represent a significant portion of the population (especially in developing countries) and are generally more open to social change and political transformation. TI Z therefore believes, it is important to develop platforms of engagement that enable young people to learn anti-corruption concepts and influence policy reform.

The first school of integrity fellowship programme was inaugurated in November 2021. This years series will be second such event, and TIZ envisions to carry the Program forward going into the future. The School of Integrity which is an anti-corruption and accountability training for future leaders in Zimbabwe. The School exposes its participants to the latest developments in the field of anti-corruption and governance.

The concept of school for integrity underlines the importance of peer-to-peer learning, involving, informing, and educating young people on the benefits of integrity, transparency, and good governance. These key facets can make a significant difference in shaping future societies. The school of integrity strategically identifies young people and young leaders from various sectors such as private and public sector as well as give preference to those from marginalised communities. This year’s school of integrity will be conducted under the theme: “Your right, your role: Building a generation of integrity”.

2. Selection Criterion

Transparency International Zimbabwe will shortlist 25 youths from all the 10 provinces of Zimbabwe to be part of this year’s school of integrity. The shortlisted fellows are carefully chosen based on their leadership roles in the communities. Deliberate effort will be made to select female participants, persons with disabilities and those coming from marginalised communities that are usually left out in similar processes.

3. Delivery Approach

This year’s school of integrity will be conducted physically for a period of 5 days. The different sessions will be facilitated by experts on different topics that are corruption related. A detailed list of the proposed topics, is presented in the programme attached at the bottom of this concept. The sessions will also seek to enable the participants to tap into regional and international experiences, and opening up on how the youths can play their part in the fight against corruption. The fellows will engage in peer-to-peer learning, group discussions, scenario mapping and analysis of various corruption case studies in the local, regional and international context. The fellowship underlines a strong component on network building and thus, fellows will have an opportunity to meet and interface with key government officials- Parliamentarians, Ambassadors, Anti-corruption activists and members within the private sector.

4. Graduation Ceremony

On the last day of the sessions, there shall be a graduation ceremony for all participants. The Ceremony will be graced by delegates from government anti-corruption institutions, members from the civil society organisations and the private sector. Motivational speeches to encourage fellows to drive further the anti-corruption agenda will be made by selected speakers. SIDA representatives are expected to attend the ceremony. Each participant will be issued with a certificate of participation in the program.

5. Venue and Travel logistics

The Fellowship programme will be conducted in either Gweru or Nyanga ( this will be confirmed subject to availability of adequate facilities in the proposed areas). Participants drawn from the different provinces will converge in Harare and will go to the selected venue by a hired couch. Those coming from nearby areas to the venue, will find their way to the meeting venue.

Participants will Travel to the training venue on Sunday the 27th of November 2020 and travel back on Saturday the 3rd of December 2022.

Welcome remarks by Tafadzwa Chikumba

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