Community Mobilisation and Advocacy


CMA facilitates communities to drive initiatives to fight against corruption. CMA aims at providing tools and approaches or knowledge to ordinary citizens to stand up for a corruption-free Zimbabwe.

To ensure maximum participation and involvement of citizens in the fight against corruption by organizing communities and providing them the requisite support for impact.

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Target Group

Citizens at large organized and represented through the Accountability Monitoring Committees (AMCs) and Youth for Transparency and Integrity Clubs (YTI Clubs) situated in the communities.

To date, CMA has established 55 AMCs across the country. Each monitoring committee has four members. AMCs are dotted in all provinces of Zimbabwe. AMC activities involve engaging community members and other relevant stakeholders to formulate ways of alleviating corruption by service providers within their constituencies. On the flip side, the unit has also established five YTI Clubs whose main objective is to nurture young and accountable leaders within communities. YTI clubs have up to 30 members each from respective communities

Modes of operation

Activities of community mobilization and advocacy are run as far as possible by communities with TI – Z providing a facilitation and guidance role, including:

  • Public education through administering monitoring questionnaires, edutainment that involves developing themed music, dance, poems, plays and roadshows among others.
  • The entertainment aspect of public education helps to attract disparate ages and groups of people who may not have time for or interest in more formal approaches. This is usually done through street theatre, roadshows, songs and dances that often depict the different scenarios in which ordinary citizens encounter corruption, proffering humorous but pragmatic solutions for dealing with each encounter. Edutainment often helps to open up serious dialogue.
  • Establishing further AMCs and YTI Clubs in new geographical areas to increase coverage
  • Training of AMCs and YTI Clubs in parallel monitoring of local authorities, governance agencies, elections and peaceful activism
  • Community Newsletters giving communities a voice through which they can articulate corruption related issues
  • Development of community anti-corruption tool kits such as AMC manuals

Community Mobilisation and Advocacy in Pictures